Tips to Shipping a Motorcycle on a Budget

If you need to transport your motorcycle across the country, or even internationally, shipping it might be your best option. However, shipping a motorcycle can be quite expensive, especially if you don’t take the time to research your options and plan ahead. Here, we will share some tips to help you ship your motorcycle on a budget.

1. Compare Shipping Rates

The first step to shipping your motorcycle on a budget is to compare shipping rates from different companies. Look for quotes from multiple shipping companies, and compare their rates to find the most affordable option. Keep in mind that the cheapest option might not always be the best. Make sure to read reviews, check their insurance policies and other terms and conditions to ensure you are choosing a reliable and trustworthy company.

2. Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is crucial if you want to ship your motorcycle on a budget. Last-minute bookings can be expensive, so make sure to book your shipment as early as possible. You can also save money by being flexible with your pickup and delivery dates. If you can wait a few extra days for your motorcycle to arrive, you might be able to save a significant amount of money.

3. Choose Terminal-to-Terminal Shipping

Terminal-to-terminal shipping means that you drop off your motorcycle at a shipping terminal and pick it up at another terminal near your destination. This option can be much cheaper than door-to-door shipping, which means the shipping company picks up and delivers your motorcycle directly to your home or business. However, you will need to arrange transportation to and from the shipping terminals, which can be an added cost.

4. Use an Open Trailer

Open trailers are the most affordable option for shipping motorcycles. These trailers are not enclosed, which means your motorcycle will be exposed to the elements during transportation. However, they are generally safe and reliable for short to medium distance shipping, and can save you a lot of money compared to enclosed trailers.

5. Pack and Prepare Your Motorcycle Properly

Before shipping your motorcycle, you will need to prepare it properly to ensure it arrives safely and securely. This includes draining the fuel tank, disconnecting the battery, and securing any loose parts or accessories. You can also save money by packing your motorcycle yourself instead of paying the shipping company to do it. Make sure to use proper packing materials, such as bubble wrap and packing tape, to protect your motorcycle during transit.

6. Check for Discounts and Special Deals

Some shipping companies offer discounts and special deals to customers, especially if you are shipping your motorcycle during off-peak seasons. Make sure to check for these discounts and compare them with regular rates to see if you can save money. You can also ask the shipping company if they have any special offers or promotions available.

7. Choose a Reputable Shipping Company

When shipping your motorcycle on a budget, it’s important to choose a reputable and trustworthy shipping company. Don’t be tempted to go with the cheapest option if the company has poor reviews or a questionable reputation. Instead, choose a company with a proven track record of safe and reliable motorcycle shipping.


In conclusion, shipping your motorcycle on a budget requires some research, planning, and preparation. By comparing shipping rates, planning ahead, choosing terminal-to-terminal shipping, using an open trailer, packing and preparing your motorcycle properly, checking for discounts and special deals, and choosing a reputable shipping company, you can save money and ensure your motorcycle arrives safely at its destination.